Dramatists Guild Southern California Season In Review

What is time?

(This lead in could be a cop-out to a very tardy blog post, or it could be relevant. Let’s see where this goes.)

Dramatists Guild Southern California Regional Rep Diana Burbano invited me and playwrights Jennie Webb and Luis Alfaro to participate in a conversation about our season in review. It was a daunting task to make sense of what happened in our theatre community during the pandemic. (Was there a season? What counts as a season?) I probably scared Jennie and Luis with my many pre-game questions about the scope of our discussion. In the end, it was just a wonderful conversation about what we experienced and observed during these momentous times in our world and in Southern California theatre. Since this conversation happened, I actually changed course with The TAG Project. Instead of a Zoom reading, it was filmed on site. Because of the Delta variant, we used Zoom as the platform to gather people to watch it together, meet the playwrights, and connect. And Luis joined the Artistic Team of the Center Theatre Group! What an exciting opportunity to effect the necessary changes we discussed. As the seasons flow and we do the two-step, opening/closing/re-opening dance, may the conversation and accountability continue.

Read our conversation here:


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