Pacific Media Expo (PMX)

Thelma participated in the Writers Panel for the PMX Charity Livestream on July 17, 2021. She and fellow Pinoy playwright Jeffrey Lo talked with Bobak Peyman about their journeys in Asian American theatre. She and Jeffrey discovered they have a lot in common.

Writers Panel

A Table Read of Thelma’s One-Act “Wild Adventure Tour–In 5-D” starts at 2:01:30 below.

Reading starts at 2:01:30 in above link

The PMX Charity Livestream benefits Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund. To donate, click here. Thank you!

Kennedy Center Summer Playwriting Intensive 2021

San Diego River (Not the Potomac)

In July, Thelma has the honor of attending the Kennedy Center 2021 Summer Playwriting Intensive. This session will mark the launch of “a designated track for playwrights identifying as Black, Indigenous, of Latinx or Asian heritage, and of Mixed Race,” which is something Thelma has been searching for. (As in, her heart wanted it.) The homework started upon acceptance. “Tell us one thing that has been rattling around in your head since the pandemic began…” Thelma’s answer–“I’ve been fascinated by my local river.” The Intensive will be held virtually, so she’ll miss the Potomac River (where the Kennedy Center is located), but all water is one. She’s ready to see where this goes.

End of Play

End of Play Pens Down Celebration with fellow dramatists

Thelma participated in the Dramatists Guild’s End of Play program during the month of April. She received daily writing prompts and participated in silent writing sessions, group e-mails, and check-in events . In truth, it was more like “beginning of play” as she developed ideas to transform her one-act version of “Penumbra” into a full-length. Still, the month brought many opportunities for building community and drawing inspiration from fellow playwrights. Accountability was key. As a result, she FINALLY has a website and signed up for the New Play Exchange.

San Diego Writers, Ink